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Law Collective drops second of 3 EPs.

The second installment of The Law Collective's upcoming album, THREE IN ONE, releases October 28, 2022. The series of three EPs melds guitar-driven roots rock worship with an intimate spiritual experience. 

ONE includes the songs Family With You, Your Compassions Never Fail, and Repentance Song.

TWO is a three-song collection of up-tempo tunes. How Beautiful You Are, a Rolling Stones-esque song of adoration which inspired the tone for the entire THREE IN ONE project. My Shepherd is Justin's personal interpretation of the 23rd Psalm with his now-familiar nod to Americana and roots worship. With music written entirely in studio, Part Of Your Story is an all-hands creation of the band. Darren Varrier offered a guitar lick, off which he, brother Wade, and Casey Corum began composing the music without lyrics. Just outside the studio, Justin and Claas Jambor were at work on the melody. And when it came time to track vocals, Anabeth Morgan helped finish the lyrics. The result is a greasy rock track with a soaring chorus.

THREE will be available midwinter 2023.